The Aaron Rubin

Tefillin Bank

Are you an adult male who is committed to laying Tefillin every weekday?

Do you live/work in the Village area of NYC?

Are you looking forward to owning your own pair of Kosher Tefillin?

Do you find the cost of Tefillin unaffordable?

If you've replied "yes" to these questions, apply now!

Please be advised that by filling out this application, it creates no guarantee that you will receive a pair of tefillin. We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason.This application does not constitute a contract of any kind nor contain any type of consideration in exchange for receiving a pair of tefillin. There is no guarantee that the tefillin will be given, nor does Chabad West Village make any covenants, guarantees, or contracts with any or all applicants.Please be advised that if you are selected for a pair of tefillin, before receiving them, the applicant must affirm that they will attempt to put on the tefillin every weekday. If for whatever reason you decide to no longer use the pair, please return the tefillin to the Chabad West Village tefillin Bank so that it be given to another individual. Please be advised that only applicants with a permanent residence in the Village area of New York within the United States will be considered to receive a pair of tefillin.

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