Chabad West Village


Chai means life. By joining the Chabad West Village Chai-Partners Club, you breathe life into Chabad, and become our partner in providing soul and body nourishment to so many. Please join the monthly giving club. It takes a Village to make a Village!

Included in every tier:

  • Annual Chai Club members' BBQ
  • Exclusive Chai Club members' VIP events
  • Holiday essentials delivered to your door


Ben & Megan Shaoul

Lio Slama

Ariel Marom


Lauren and Ethan Coy

Sara Journo


Ben Rozenshteyn

Grace Garfunkel


Dr. Leo Paige

Emily Eisenberg Bibian & David Bibian

Ezra Feig

Henry Hahn

Itay Alterman

Joshua Rosenbloom

Julia Zuckerman

Laura and Gustavo Teitelbaum

Masha Zeltsman

Max & Kayla Kane

Bibian Group

Mr. Jared Kasner

Jeff & Cara Slovinsky

Mr. Matt Saunders
Mr. Yosef Drizin

Nat & Hallie Boas


Rotem Itzhaky

Sol Levy
Stephan Loewentheil
Will Eisler


Abraham Maslavi
Barak Ben Shlomo

Alicia Jetton & Benji Fages

Isaac Greenwood

The Raskins

Mackenzie Murphy

Michelle Gooel

Benjamin H. Roberts

Mr. David Merkur
Mr. Jonathan Rubin

Michael Rubin

Dr. Michael & Amy Savetsky

Dovid and Mushka

Nathan Press

Rami Kattan

Rami Kattan

Sarah Flack

Sophie Oshman

Yerra Sugarman


Aaron Rafelson

Caitlyn Brennan

Max Klein

Eli Raviv

Melanie Vesely

Toby Heller

Sammy Hopp

Sarah Sultan

Scarlett Tucker

Sammy Shamaev

What is the commitment duration?

For as long as you'd like. Our system will charge your card monthly until you decide to increase or otherwise. Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

What if I don't want my card charged every month?

You can also be a "matcher" for our year-end campaign and make your donations in single, bi-annual, or quarterly installments.

What are these funds used for?

Fuel for the engines at Chabad. Our goal is to cover individual programs with fees and sponsorships and to cover ongoing expenses with Chai Club parterships. We don't charge membership, but we do have bills to pay.

Doesn't Chabad have lots of money?

Chabad West Village is funded entirely by the local WV community. We do not receive any funding from Chabad HQ. We're extremely grateful for your partnership!

Habit of kindness

Maimonides emphasizes the virtue of making numerous, smaller donations over a singular lump sum, even if the total amounts are equivalent. The logic is This wisdom is grounded in a dual rationale: (1) Each individual mitzvah holds intrinsic value, irrespective of its size. (2) The more acts of giving we do, we nurture a habit of kindness within ourselves which pays dividends in every area of our lives.

How much?

A little more than you were planning. The Rebbe taught us to always push ourselves, a little bit at a time. Of course, try to pick an amount that you'll be comfortable to maintain. May you be blessed!