Sell your chametz

Chabad West Village facilitates this service free of charge. Please note: We will not be able to process chametz sales submitted later than Tuesday, April 4th, 5:00 PM EST. The storage area should be locked or taped shut. Only use this form if you will be located in the New York area for the Passover holiday. If not, please contact the Chabad Rabbi at your location and sell your Chametz through him.

I fully empower and permit Rabbi Berel Gurevitch to act in my place and stead and on my behalf to sell all chametz possessed by me, knowingly or unknowingly as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. chametz, possible chametz, and all kind of chametz mixtures). This power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinic and Civil laws.

Addresses / Locations Where Chametz May Be Found
Please enter any additional locations where your Chametz may be found.